8 Top Wall Street Insiders Reveal Their Closely Guarded Trading Lessons

Listening to these 8 Trader Interviews you'll learn:

  • Why you don't have to be the smartest person in the world to be a successful trader.
  • How the pros control their emotions, keep focus and minimize risk.
  • What happens when you don't have a trading plan.

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What's Inside EZ Interviews?

EZ Interviews are the actual recorded interviews from Eddie Z’s best-selling book Market Prophets.  These interviews are a priceless collection of stories, anecdotes, experiences, and trading insights from some of the most successful traders in the last 50 years. These interviews are the best way to find out the secrets that successful traders use on their way to becoming consistently profitable.  I am certain that what you will hear will entertain you as well as leapfrog you up your own learning curve.


What People are Saying on logo_amazon About the Print Version of EZ Interviews

I really enjoyed reading about some of these wall street icons successes and mishaps.
Real people experiences. Good job Eddie! - Lisy Saavedra

This is a fun to read book filled with true stories of successful traders, so there is a lot of
wisdom between the covers. Some of the points made in the book you may have heard before
but they are stated in a very interesting way that will help you remember them.
This book definitely helped me become a better trader. - Thomas M. Kewan

I got your book in the mail yesterday at around 2 pm, it's now 2 pm the following day
and I'm done reading it already. I just couldn't put the book down. It is nice to see
so many reality based people open up with such honest down to earth dialog about trading.
...I just thought he should be commended for that, and again, you, for these thoughtful,
reflective, insightful interviews with such wonderfully talented people to the world of trading.
Best regards, - Tony Terranova

Fantastic people interviewed by a fantastic interviewer. Somehow Eddie figured out
what I would like to ask. Encouraging and stimulating. Nice to know I don't have to give
up my day job. Thanks, Eddie. - Will

Why Listen to Stories of Experienced, Successful Traders?

Listening to these experienced traders, you'll get an idea of the learning curve involved in becoming successful—especially learning from mistakes.  Listening to successful people will give you insights and distinctions that you otherwise may not get anywhere else, directly from the trading trenches. These traders have a combined 100 years of Wall Street experience and over $100 Million in lifetime earnings.

  • Bill K

    30+ Years trading experience in NYMEX Platinum and Natural Gas. $25 Million+ Lifetime Earnings

  • Dave L

    Active trader since 1995. Consultant and author of 3 books translated into 6 languages.

  • Howard H

    Over 50 years full time trading. Held a seat on NYMEX for over 25 years. $25 Million+ Lifetime Earnings

  • Jeffery M

    Director of Education at Options Animal. Options master trainer. Trading stocks since 1984.

  • LA L

    Author, professional trader and money manager, contributor on the TheStreet.com

  • Fausto P

    Creator of CyberTrading University, Trading Stocks since 1987.

  • Josh D

    Author of an internationally published book, “The Truth about Day Trading Stocks”.

  • Eddie Z

    Started on NYMEX in 1987, 17 years as a Stockbroker, over 25 yrs trading, Creator of EZBreakouts.com COO of EZ Trading Computers.

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