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I think your approach makes so much sense and I continue to see it work day after day. My trading is progressing quite well, and I enjoy reviewing your stock list as it is posted every day. EZBreakouts has been the major contributor to my trading success, and I thank you! I’ve gone through some frustrating months getting to where I’m now. Simon - Ohio

EZBreakouts is a great trading tool and I have had many winners. Also if you have questions while being a subscriber Eddie is quick to answer email questions. I have had this service for over a year. I also purchased my trading computer from him. Warren - Florida

Been profitable 11 of last 14 trading days! Your videos on trader psychology have been incredibly instrumental in getting me to a ‘good’ place. I have, as per your suggestion, kept my R very small and you know, its working. The fight or flight response as you call it has been kept in check!! Grateful! Jay - Ontario

About 20% of my trades this year were stock picks from you. Despite sacrificing some gains to confirm trend commitment, these picks still accounted for TWICE the gains of any other stock selection methods I have used. Thanks for all your efforts. BB - Canada

I really enjoy and appreciate your EZBreakouts service. It provides a daily list of stocks in play with entry points. Your trading methods provide lower risk trades and an excellent method for trailing stops. In fact, I’ve adapted your method to other aspects of my trading with good results. Thanks again. CD - Texas

I'm using the new EZBreakouts now, and everything is working fine. Thank you. I already learned something about the retirement fund that I wish I knew many years ago. Thanks again. DC - New York

I did like the Webinar and what you are doing in general, It's all good. You are unselfish honest man. I followed your method and used few stocks from the daily stock pick and had 3 winners in a row. Thank you. Hedi - Illinois

I thought I knew what a trading method and plan was before I signed up for the EZ Breakout method. After struggling with poor trading results for years while I tried to workout a plan and a method, the EZ Breakout method has shown me how little I understood about trading. Following the EZ Breakout method I am now making consistent good trades and am moving my trading sizes up from 100 shares to 200 shares a trade. My goal is 1000 share trades. Best regards. I'm a confirmed fan of Eddie Z. Mike - Tampa

I just wanted to let you know I've gone through your entire course and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I've primarily been an ES trader and seeing your method for trading stocks was a real eye opener. The material was laid out in an easy to consume manner and very thorough. And I appreciated that you offered it out at an affordable price. Thanks again and I look forward to trading this method everyday! LP - California